Friday, April 27, 2012

Shopping and Food in Niagara Falls, NY

 I am so in love with Guess! I got these two tanktops from the Guess in the Fashion Outlet Mall. The  left one was $12 and the right $15.
I figured I could use a couple new beaters for summer, and they we're two for $13 at Old Navy.

I'd been window shopping for a new skirt for weeks and hadn't found anything that met my specifications :(. I found these at Rue 21, and they had a buy one get one for a dollar sale so I only paid like $15 for both of them :).

This is by far my favourite! The picture does not do it justice at all. It's a gorgeous down filled Guess bomber  with shiny gold buttons and trim.

 I got these on clearance for $7.99 at the Wilson Leather Outlet. They're really high quality and so my style. They are a little heavy for sandals, though.

 These are Kamik winter boots I got at Sears for $19.99. They had a huge shoe clearance section and now I finally have warm winter boots! 

These leather boots were by far the best deal I found on my travels. They were marked down to $25 from $80, and when she rung them up they were only $7.50!  

 I got this Nine West purse from the outlet in the mall. I love the texture and colour. 
 Hair Products
 Kenra Volume Spray 25 and Root Lifting Spray - $24.99 @ SmartStyle
I love both of these products and that can of hairspray is so massive it'll last forever!

Purple Conditioner - $13.49 @ Sally's
I'm so happy I bought this. I've been looking for a good purple conditioner for forever. My hair is terrible for brassiness and my purple shampoo alone just didn't do the trick.

I bought this for my boyfriend for $35.99. Vodka in a bong bottle? Yes please. I learned that neither him or I agree with vodka, but it was fun and the bottle will be fun too :).

I got a carton of these and Dumos at the duty free store on the way back to Canada. They're so much cuter without the stupid cancer warnings! And the carton of du Mauriers was like a pack which I thought was so cute!

I bought my first pack of smokes AND got to smoke in the casino :). American cigarettes, however, are complete garbage. I'm hitting up the duty-free on the way there next time!

 We didn't order this, but I thought it was hilarious. I love Guinness and ice cream but together? I'll pass thank you.

TGI Fridays. Oh my god those potatoes were good. The meat and vegetables were good, but if I knew how delicious those mashed potatoes were, I would have ordered a plate of those!

This was some of our complimentary breakfast at the Hampton Inn. Sausage rounds, scrambled eggs and Trix yogurt :).

Plate 1 at the Thunder Falls Buffet - Prime rib, steak, mashed potatoes, corn with red peppers and a roll.

 Plate 2 - Pizza and mashed potatoes!

 Dessert - Chocolate pudding cup, vanilla pudding cup, heavily topping-ed ice cream :).
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