Friday, July 6, 2012

Playboy Girl

I'm a huge fan of Playboy. Yes, I read the articles ;) as well as look at the pictures. I think the comics are my favourite part though. So here's my everything Playboy wishlist.
Playboy Bathroom Coordinates - $29.99
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I think these are the cutest and I can't wait to get a place with my boyfriend so I can buy these! Also because I love him, but mostly for these towels ;)
Playboy Beauty Bronze Shimmer Brick - $34.00
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I think this is so pretty with the bunny in the middle. It's one of those products (like Physician's Formula's Happy Booster blush and bronzer) that makes you smile every time you look at it!

Playboy Collector Animal Print Cooler 4-Pack - $31.14
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Playboy Satin Sheet Set (Queen Size) - $49.99
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Playboy Beauty Calendar Girl Lipstick  -  $14.00 
Playboy Beauty Stay The Night Brush Kit - $38.00
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Blush , Eye shadow, Lip, Crease , and Concealer Brush made from pony hair! These would be worth buying for me even if they weren't Playboy.
Playboy Beauty First Blush - $16.00
 Playboy Beauty "Who's The Fairest Bunny of Them All?" Kit  -  $38.00 
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"Comes complete with our super sexy Playmate-of-the-Year Shimmer powder, a bunny tail tickler brush to dabble on your d├ęcolletage, neck and shoulders; all in a portable carrying kit for fun and travel."

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  1. You are one cool chick to be reading Playboy magazines. You are gonna make some guy happy some day. :D