Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Portrait Professional v10.9

This is my first experience with Portrait Professional and I wanted to share my results!

For this one I just let the program automatically do it's thing. I didn't change any settings except for reducing the red in my hair a little. 

I love how fast and automatic it is. Doing this in Photoshop or Lightroom would have taken me forever! 

Buy it now for $39.95 or check back soon for more Before and Afters! :) 

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  1. wow it looks really good! your skin looks sooooooo smooth. but i dont know if i wanna pay $40 for it >.<* thats a bit pricey for me, haha.

    1. I know, I hate how expensive software is! If you want you can email me a photo or two and I can edit them. I don't mind sharing!